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Identity, Service Design
In partnership with the Long Beach Police Department & The National Endowment for the Arts
Design Team: Diana Chang, Varun Bather, Lauren Lundholm, Alexia Chuck
Roles: Identity, Visual Design, Research & Project Management
Created for the Building Trust, Bridging Divides sponsored studio at ArtCenter College of Design

In the effort to re-imagine the police department’s approach to promoting recruitment, as well as create and maintain an authentic connection to the communities of Long Beach, Backyard Long Beach was created. Backyard Long Beach is a communal event showcasing the culture of the communities through spotlighting the local food, music and artists of Long Beach. Offering the chance to foster dialogue and cultural exchange between the city’s citizens and the Long Beach Police Department.


The Event

A Backyard Party Is...

A tradition in which families and friends congregate to enjoy their favorite food, games, drinks and more. A casual, relaxed environment to exchange conversation and appreciate each other’s company.




Field Research

In order to discover any major pain points directly connected to the decrease in Long Beach Police Department recruitment each team conducted several rounds of field research through the avenues of panel discussions with both the police department and community leaders, spontaneous interviews with citizens of Long Beach on the streets and online surveys.



Backyard Long Beach events would be located in a central part of each of the four districts of long beach, and would occur four times a year.




Event Branding

Branding for the event was created to be fun, inviting and inclusive. Patterns and icons were implemented to facilitate a feeling of warmth and understanding between members of the community while attending the event itself. To maintain a balance of all these concepts a comprehensive brand guideline was created.


Event Attractions

Activities for attendees to participate in at the Backyard Long Beach events range from live music, arts & crafts, food and team building activities (some of which incorporate information about the Long Beach Police Department and recruitment into the activity itself). Included in the attractions are interactive installations that encourage active social media participation and wayfinding functionality.

Modular wayfinding installation.
Backyard LB branded photobooth with props.
Large scale Long Beach letterform sculpture.

Marketing & Promotion

Long Beach community members can learn about this event through a series print and digital marketing campaigns. In addition to these promotional materials, a series of print and digital press kits would be provided to establish relationships with media outlets for recap promotion for the Long Beach Police Department.

To encourage attendees to participate in all of the event attractions, the Backyard Long Beach's promotional flyer will also double as a treasure map, raffle ticket and free meal ticket. The maps have missing activities that attendees need to find at the event by following wayfinding signage. Once they find the activity, they must participate to fill in that blank activity with a sticker. Once all stickers are collected they can enter in the raffle.
Instagram campaign, press kit for media outlets and press kit for prospective vendors.