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UI/UX, Identity, Augmented Reality, Service Design
Created for the Advanced Visual Interaction Design class at ArtCenter College of Design
Design Scenario Photographs: Christina Velazquez

VIST is a digital ecosystem which allows younger generations to define their own version of activism. Because many people choose to get involved in political activism through many different levels of action, VIST provides a way for users to inform themselves on the topics they are passionate about, but it also allows them to connect to other users who are interested in similar causes.


user Research

Researching competitors in similar industries showed that there was no one system where an individual could participate, engage with others and learn all while feeling safe and informed. User interviews with peers and experts helped to shed some light on what was needed and what is viable in the social climate that we live in today.

Value Proposition

Activism doesn’t have to be dangerous and there is value in participating in group activities. Real empowerment comes from the process of self discovery and there is value for opting into the information you want to know.

Mission Statement

To create a platform through which individuals can define their own version of political protesting and activism. VIST strives to provide a safe space where one can stay informed, get involved and create communities revolving around their political and social passions in the effort to create real progressive change that benefits the world at large.


VIST Design Scenario



VIST visual identity style guide.

VIST visual identity

The VIST visual identity was designed to redefine the duality between political parties, with a hip, friendly and approachable look and feel. New colors to represent the Democratic and Republican parties are implemented, and the use typography as image tackle the issue of visual bias created by photography.

VIST visual identity moodboards.