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Book Design, Exhibition Design
Created for the Typography 4: Print class at ArtCenter College of Design
Book Photographs: Christina Velazquez

dataMOSH is a fictitious art exhibition which demonstrates the juxtaposition of the Punk Rock and Glitch Art subcultures. The purpose of the exhibition is to show its viewers the unsuspecting similarities between these two analog and digital worlds, and the beauty that can be found within destruction, chaos, accidents and the spontaneous moments of time that would otherwise go unnoticed by the outsider eye.




The Exhibition

The dataMOSH art exhibition will be held in an abandoned warehouse in downtown LA. Large scale printed works by Mathieu St. Pierre, The Glitch Art Collective and photography by Edward Colver will be displayed.






The Catalogue

The design of the catalogue itself demonstrates the idea of chaos creating order and beauty. The artist sections are located at the beginning and end of the book (rather than the center/main content).

In between these artist sections is the secondary content of the catalogue itself which also demonstrates a juxtaposition of the two cultures. Included in that content are both the 'manifestos' of punk and glitch subculture, interviews by an artist from the glitch art movement and a famous punk photographer, as well as essays on the importance and relevance of destructive and beautiful subcultures.