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Identity, Service Design, Spatial Installation, Digital Electronics & Programming
Created for the Typography 5: Transmedia class at ArtCenter College of Design
Photographs: Christina Velazquez

About 30% of the nation’s homeless population has been directly linked to mental health issues. The LAMP Community, an organization working with displaced individuals located on Skid Row, has attributed most of its success to their flourishing arts program - which benefits a large percentage of their mentally ill clients. Because creativity and arts have been proven to positively affect mental health, The CoCreate Initiative was created by the LAMP Community in the effort to help prevent displacement caused by mental instability before it happens. The CoCreate Initiative offers creative spaces in urban areas through which individuals can collaborate, create and heal each other through creative interactions.



CoCreate Stations

There are two types of CoCreate Stations that are located in various parts of Union Station. The first type of station are motion-activated generative installations. The second type of station is a touch-activated interactive light sculpture which promotes collaborative creativity. 

CoCreate Promotional Tap Card
CoCreate Station One: When someone moves in front of these types of stations it distorts the typography to create an explosion of movement, these movements are then translated into graphic textures and used throughout the branding of the initiative itself.
CoCreate Station Two: As people travel up the escalator to the main lobby of Union Station they can touch each circular light to either turn it on or off. Through this constant interaction, the light sculpture can change shape hundreds of times during one day.

Visual identity

Graphic elements that inform the visual identity of The CoCreate Initiative are collected directly from the recorded interactions of the first type of CoCreate stations. In addition to this, the logo itself is dynamic, and changes form based on the number of interactions that happen per month. A comprehensive brand guideline book was created to maintain the cohesiveness CoCreate’s visual identity.


Marketing Strategy

To promote interactions with the new CoCreate stations a set of informational pamphlets were created that include information about the initiative as well as a map of where to find each interactive station. In addition to this a limited edition CoCreate Tap Card will be released and a set of tote bags that can be sold at Union Station.